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General Questions

Using The Surf Shield


General Questions

What is The Surf Shield?

The Surf Shield is the ultimate system utility for safeguarding your online privacy. Whenever you visit a website, download a file, or interact with online content records of your activity are stored on your computer. These records cannot be removed by deleting your internet history. And these records can be easily discovered by anyone who looks for them.

With The Surf Shield, you can eliminate these records and safeguard your privacy with one click. Plus, The Surf Shield is on only when you need it. Turn it on to safeguard your privacy. Turn it off, and all your internet features and records work like normal.

If you are concerned about the possibility of someone seeing your internet records, you need The Surf Shield. Anyone else who has access to your computer could discover these records and see every website that you may have visited. Don't risk your security and privacy – use The Surf Shield every time you visit a website that you want to keep private.

How does The Surf Shield work?

The Surf Shield works by eliminating your internet records for a given session. Just turn The Surf Shield on and any website you visit will be shielded from leaving records on your computer. This includes your browsing history, cookies, cached files, recent documents, chat history, address bar history – over 20 different types of records. Some of these records are not even possible to delete on your own. Plus, turn The Surf Shield off, and your regular browsing history and cookies are still there. The Surf Shield only is on when you need it and only deletes your records when you want it to.

How do I install The Surf Shield?

Just download the free trial and run our installer. The Surf Shield is yours free to try.

In depth After you click the download link, click "Run" on the File Download window and click "Run" on the Run Software window. The installer will then guide you step by step. If you do not see the "Run" option, just download the installer to your desktop and open it from there.

How does the free trial work?

We believe that once you try The Surf Shield, you will want The Surf Shield. That's why we offer our 100% free trial with full functionality. Give The Surf Shield a try and see how easy it is to safeguard your online privacy.

Is my privacy in danger online?

If you do not currently use The Surf Shield, your privacy could definitely be at risk. Every time you visit a website copies of every webpage, image, video, and hidden records and files are stored on your system. Anyone looking for these files could easily retrieve them to see what sites you visited and what content you viewed. If you share a computer with others or use a computer at work, there is a risk of these files being discovered.

But I already delete my internet history...

Deleting your cookies or history is not enough. Contrary to popular belief, just clearing these files will not safely eliminate records of your surfing history. The Surf Shield removes files and records from over 20 different locations – many of which an not possible for a normal user to view or delete.

Using The Surf Shield

What are the main features?

The Surf Shield has two main features: The Surf Shield and the File Vault. The Surf Shield eliminates your web surfing history and hidden records while engaged. The File Vault provides you a secure vault where you can store pictures, documents, financial records, and any other file you want to keep safe from prying eyes.

About The Surf Shield

You're one click away from online privacy. Just open The Surf Shield and click the big button ("Click Here to Activate The Surf Shield"). That's it. The Surf Shield is now on. Every cookie, cached image, and browser history item will be eliminated during this session. Your normal internet history and cookies will remain untouched. To turn off The Surf Shield and end your session, just click the big button again. It's that simple.

Stealth Mode: You can also quick turn The Surf Shield on and off with your own secret hotkey. The default hotkey is Shift +F1. See the Settings area to choose your hotkey.

Panic Button: Use the Panic Button to quickly close all windows instantly and delete your records. The default hotkey is Shift + F12. See the Settings area to choose your hotkey.

Tip To open The Surf Shield, either use the desktop shortcut or the icon in your system tray (in the far right side of your System Tray).

About the File Vault

The File Vault area provides a secure vault for you to store images, files, financial records, or documents that you want to keep away from prying eyes. To access the vault, just click on File Vault in The Surf Shield. You can drag items directly into the vault from other windows or the desktop. You can also save files here by choosing "TSS Vault" in My Documents (this directory only appears when The Surf Shield is active).

Password Protection: The Surf Shield and File Vault are password protected for your security. Visit the Settings area to change, recover, or disable your password.

Settings and Alerts

Password: The Surf Shield is password protected for your privacy. When you first launch The Surf Shield, you are required to setup a password and enter an email address. If you lose your password, we will use this email address to help you recover it. In Settings, you can disable the password, change your password, or change your email address.

System Tray Icon: The Surf Shield icon appears in the system tray. You can use this icon to open and close The Surf Shield. This icon also indicates when secure surfing is enabled. Disable "Launch at Startup" to hide this icon (this option is not available during the free trial). Enable "Launch with Web Browsers" to have the icon appear when you launch your web browser.

Stealth Mode: You can also quick turn The Surf Shield on and off with your own secret hotkey. In Settings you can turn Stealth Mode on or off and define your hotkey. The default hotkey is Shift +F1.

Panic Button: When The Surf Shield is active, you can use the Panic Button to quickly close all windows instantly and delete your records. In Settings you can turn the Panic Button on of off and define your hotkey. The default hotkey is Shift + F12.

Files that are Shielded: By default, The Surf Shield shields over 20 different types of internet records when it is engaged. If do not want all these records shielded, just uncheck any of the options in "Files that are Shielded." Just click on an option to see a detailed description of what it is.

Manage Alerts: You can enable or disable The Surf Shield's alert windows and message in the "Manage Alerts" tab.

How to register The Surf Shield

Once you're ready to safeguard your online privacy, just purchase The Surf Shield and we will email you your unique registration key. Once you have your key, go to the Register area in The Surf Shield, enter your registration key exactly as it appears (upper-case, lower-case, and numbers), and click "Enter Registration Key." That's it! The Surf Shield is now registered and ready to use.

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